About Us





MiraSilk™ is confined to providing high-quality advanced skincare that delivers exceptional quality, value, and results. Formulated and bottled in California without unnecessary additives or animal testing, our formulations are made from excellent ingredients to provide amazingly effective yet affordable products for all skin types.



We have committed ourselves to develop innovative compounds that truly reconstruct skin. Featuring key antioxidants, nutrients, and botanical actives, our richly concentrated formulas are designed to correct, protect, heal, and restore skin for a healthy, visibly improved skin. We accomplish this with front-line formulations crafted with superior actives sourced from the Earth as much as possible.



If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you. The entire MiraSilk™ team individually test-runs and approves every formulation before release. These powerful, stable extracts are prepared in small batches to ensure peak freshness and potency when they arrive at your door.




Above all, our love for quality goes hand-in-hand with a constant commitment to our customers. Personalized customer service is the foundation of our company and it’s our purpose to provide standout support whether you’re a longtime customer or a new shopper.


We want you to feel comfortable about your purchase as well as your skin, so we stand by our customers and products alike.

We are also proud to be Bouncing Bunny’ Certified, and Cruelty-Free.